Shipping Your Quilt

Quilt by Donna B.
Send your quilt to:

Jean Graham
18881 Cleveland Avenue
Galien, MI  49113

Please note that there are three (8) eights with a one (1) on each end of the eights in my street address.

Shipping charges will be $13 - $20 for the average size quilt.   I will return your quilt to you by Priority Mail, insure it for $100 and add a Delivery Confirmation to the package.  If you want to insure it for more than $100, please let me know so I can include that in your charges.

Include with your quilt, your name, address and a telephone number where I can contact you.  If possible, please include the work order and quilt label request. Following are those forms:

Work_Order.doc (Microsoft Word Format)

Work_Order.pdf (Portable Document Format)

Label.doc (Microsoft Word Format)

Label.pdf (Portable Document Format)