Preparing Borders For Your Quilt


Attaching borders correctly to your quilt top is very important.

If not attached properly, you may find that you have wavy or bad fitting borders that may cause tucks and puckers when quilted.

Cutting Fabric for Borders

If you need to piece your fabric for the correct length, do so at an angle. This will be less noticeable.


The borders should be attached to the sides of your quilt first.  Attach top and bottom borders last.

1. Measure across the center and each side of the quilt from top to bottom. Take the average of these 3 measurements.  Cut strips of fabric for the side borders.

quilt borders

2. Next, with wrong sides together, match the center of your quilt top with the center of your border strip and place a pin at the center and at each corner. Pin between these three pins and ease in fabric. Sew your border in place with a 1/4" seam allowance.

preparing borders

3. After sewing on the side borders, be sure to press the seams.  The seams should be pressed towards the dark fabric.  Using a square, trim off any excess fabric on both ends of the side borders. 

4.  Square the corners before measuring for the top and bottom borders.

5.  Measure and attach the top and bottom borders in the same way as the side borders.